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Hanahan Poker Club offers you to have a good time tak­ing part at reg­u­larly held poker tour­na­ments. The pop­ular­ity of the tour­na­ments is grow­ing and each time we see more and more people join­ing us and we sug­gest you be­come a part of our poker com­munity.

The Various Style of Poker and the Rules that Go With

Land and online casinos like casinoviponline.com tend to offer many different gambling opportunities, such as Black Jack, Roulette or Craps, but the most popular form is poker and its many varieties. I have taken just a few of the different forms of poker and tried to show you the differences in them.

Three Card Poker

After the ante is placed, which is the money placed down just to play, the dealer and all players are given three cards. Once the three cards are dealt, there are two kinds of bets that can be placed. There is the Ante, notice that, in this case, the term is capitalized, this is because this is a type of bet, not the money down just to play. This is also what is called the Pair Plus bet. Let me break a few things down for you a bit, so you can better understand what these are.

Ante: Bet for players to compete with dealer

Pairs Plus: Player bets he has better pair than dealer.

With Three Card Poker, the dealer must qualify to be able to continue. To qualify, the dealer must be holding, at the very least, a Queen or better. If not, the game ends with no more bets, as a Black Jack game that the dealer and the play match cards, no one wins, the bets are returned and the ante becomes a push. It the dealer does qualify and the game continues, then the player is rewarded, should he win, with winnings equal to table standards, depending on what he is holding, Flush, Straight, Two or Three of a Kind.

Seven Card Stud:

A mix of both exposed and revealed cards are played to form a five card hand. Once three card have come into play, two face down and one exposed the betting starts. With each card dealt, betting occurs. A player has the choice to check, raise or fold.  The rest of the game, once the first round of betting is complete goes as follows: the next few cards are exposed, called streets, card, bet, card, bet until the last card is played. The River is the final card which, if there are not enough cards, will be community. Once the final round of betting has been completed and those who have folded have been removed from the game and the remaining players are checked and the highest hand wins the pot.

Five Card Stud:

Similar to Seven Card in that there are cards dealt both face down and exposed, the exact configuration is not a constant. What is a constant is the way in which it is played, card dealt, then a round of betting, so forth until all five cards have been dealt and betting has been completed, those who have folded are removed and then the hands checked and winner paid.

Caribbean Poker:

Different than the above styles, all the cards are dealt at once, the dealer with one card up, betting and the best hand wins, payout is determined by the rules of the table.

Let it ride:

Let it ride is similar to video poker, in that you are not actually competing with the dealer or other players. You are just competing to get a good hand and are rewarded per table rules as to what hand you get. The game starts by being given three cards, for which you place three equal bets. Each card you are given are exposed or face up. Then, once the bets have been placed, two community cards are lain down. You are then given the choice to Let It Ride or to fold. If you let it ride, then the first card is over turned, and again, you are given the choice to continue or fold. Should you continue, the next card is flipped and you bet again or fold. After the final round of betting, the cards are all exposed and you are awarded according to the hand you hold in combination with the community cards.