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How to Use the Odds to Your Advantage

Poker is a game of luck and skill.  There is a whole lot of different ways for you to win and lose.  What they both have in common is the odds.  In poker you have to learn to focus only on positive, and let go of the mistakes that are going to occur.  No one is going to be able to win every hand in a poker game.  It does not matter if you are the most skilled player at the table; luck can either help you or hurt you.  Knowing about the pot odds, can help you to be a better poker player.  There are many types of odds, and it is smart to know the difference between them, and how they can benefit your game.  Here are the different odds, and when they should be played.  Use them in your next poker game, and see how they can help you.

First you need to understand pot odds.  The pot odds is referred to the ratio of the pot's size.  If you are betting on a hand, and there is one hundred dollars in the pot.  You can bet a minimum of ten dollars to stay in the hand, and see the flop.  If ten dollars is your bet, then your pot odds will be ten to one.  The purpose of the pot odds is to estimate the call value of the hand.  Pot odds are very different from the odds of the cards.  When you are referring to your cards, then the odds are an estimate of what is going to happen to your hand during the flop, river, and the turn.  Pot odds refer to the amount of money that you are betting on this particular hand. That's like when you play blackjack surrender cards game.

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If you are undecided about the ability of your hand to improve after the flop, then you can use implied odds.  They are calculated the same way as the pot odds are, but they are going to be a little trickier.  You have to be very careful of how you are going to bet, when you think that it is going to come to the point that you want to fold the hand.  If you over bet here, you might be throwing money away.  Remember to look at the positive outcomes, when you are attempting to use this play.

People that tend to be aggressive in their mode of play, like to use reverse implied odds.  The problem with using these particular odds is that you stand to lose more than you will gain.  You might be able to steal the blinds if all of the other players choose to fold their hands, but you can have one player at the table that decides to call.  If you have a hand that is bad, you can cause your poker play to be over very quickly.

Pot odds

Just in case you are still confused about the pot odds, here is a good example.

You are seating at a table with a pair of kings in front of you.  If you are aware of the odds of that hand, then you know that you have six outs.  This is a situation that you are going to want to use the pot odds, to help you bet smart.  If the table pot is one hundred then you might want to bet as much as fifty dollars.  This will give you a five to one return on your bet, if the other poker players call.  Making a decent bet, like this one, can give you the chance to win a better pot.

Playing smart is the best way to go.  Every player at the table has an equal chance of pulling a good hand.  The pot odds are important for you to consider.