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How to play casino games online: Video Poker

Playing video poker became possible in 1970 when the Poker-Matic machine was installed in almost all the Las Vegas Casinos. These days, players would rather play online video poker. For those people who live in places that don't have conventional casinos, they can play from their own homes, on their own computers.

To play video poker from the comfort of your own home appeals to a lot of people who like to gamble, people like Australians Down Under. It also means you can be playing video poker any time you like.

If you go to an online casino, such as Royal Vegas, you'll find up to 60 online Video poker games available. What's more, that website also has a video poker school online to help you conquer this game of skill and luck. The more you know about the variations of the game, the better your chance of winning.

Royal Vegas also has bonus video poker deluxe. This game of online video poker offers an exciting jackpot of 4,000 coins and players can bet up to five coins a hand. You can double your money with bonus video poker deluxe by using the "Gamble feature". This game also has an auto-hold feature which holds cards deemed to be mathematically superior.

To help you, when you sign up to play at Royal Vegas, you get a free new player bonus and 24 hours to see what you can win from that bonus. You can keep any winnings in that time, up to 100 coins.

An increasing number of people are deciding to play online video poker and one of the main reasons is that there are simply more video poker games than at conventional Casinos. If you're playing video poker online, you've joined a lot of other Aussies who are doing the same.