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Do You Have a Mild Obsession with Poker?

Does poker seem to consume your life? Do you wake up in the morning wondering about your general poker game? Are you too aggressive? Should you try out brand new strategies? Is your bankroll management solid enough? If so, then you are exactly like me.

Fortunately, my job challenges me, so I have an actual interest in it. Although I do not absolutely love what I do for a living, I am completely aware of the repercussions of not having one and thus know how lucky I am to have it. At work, internet access does exist, though, and I always want to peek at numerous poker articles, poker blogs and poker websites.

This is how the story goes

Once I get back home, the first thing I want to do is get on my computer for several quick poker games before dinner. I prefer playing no-limit sit-and-go’s, so time blocks need to be set aside and leaving like in cash games is not possible. In fact, a game cannot be left until every single chip is lost at the tournament.

When eating dinner, I want to think about several hands and how I could have played them better than I did.

After dinner, heading back to my computer is the first thing on my mind because I want to go for several more tournaments. This brings me into the evening hours when energy drops down slightly. My discipline and concentration tend to wane as midnight gets nearer, so I log off and want to choose a poker book out of my collection to read until I drift off to sleep and dream about poker.

Now, this may sound alright. However, I have a gorgeous wife and lovely daughter to think about, as well.

Everything I mentioned above refers to things I want to do, but these things hardly ever happen in my life. That’s okay, though, because I love my wife and daughter more than I love poker. Balancing poker with family is a difficult act sometimes. However, it is attainable, as long as you go about it properly.

Some more clues

Remember that communication is of the utmost importance. Communicating with your partner about what is important, such as family matters, should be done before finding room for some poker.

For example, we keep a family events calendar. Usually, I’d rather play poker tournaments after dinner, which works out fine since my daughter has her friends and my wife has personal hobbies, as well. Also, whenever there are special tournaments to play, I merely tell my wife beforehand to avoid any problems.

I have been playing poker on the internet for several years now. Sometimes, I end up playing tons of poker and end up spending not as much time with my family. The first time this happened, I knew things weren’t going well. To fix things, I took out some money from my poker account and took the family out to a nice dinner, where I told them how I was paying for the expensive dinner and let them know my realization of playing too much.

Both were relieved that I had kept our communication lines open. Although poker can have its place, family should always come first and they can even co-exist. With great communication and listening to your gut feelings every once in a while, this balancing act can be maintained and enjoyed for years to come.