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Heads Up Games, A Strategy on How to Bluff your Opponent

Playing a heads up game is a poker game that is one on one. A heads up game can best be won by playing aggressively both pre and post flop. There are a few strategies that you will want to keep in mind and use when playing a heads up Texas Hold Em game, especially if you want to win big or if you are tired to play online blackjack.

Varying your bet: You do not want to get accustomed to betting the same when you have a good hand as opposed to a weaker hand pre flop. If you get into the habit of doing this, you can become predictable in what you are holding and it will become a tell, of sorts, for your opponent. Make sure that you vary your bets, betting higher, on occasion for in the same regard, watch what your opponent bets in relation to what he is holding. It is easy to fall into this trap and if you are not conscious of it, you can tell what your opponent is holding by what he bets pre flop.
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Watching Your Opponent: While odds can come into play when it comes to betting pre flop, it is not the only thing that can determine your chances of winning a heads up match. When you take into account that your odds of getting a pocket ace are something like one in 220, it may seem like your chances of winning with an in pocket ace would be very low. Keeping this in mind, however, your chances of winning a heads up match with a pocket ace are more than 80%.  Although it may seem like the numbers do not add up on this, it is a proven fact. Reason being is that among some of the other reasons, one or the other of the players may fold often.

Slow the Pace: When you start really getting into the game, you have to be careful because you can get into the fast game play mentality, which could actually work against you. You are not taking the time to think about what you are doing or observing what your opponent is doing as much either. As you get into the fast paced mentality, you are more likely to let your opponent see the flop for free, but you don’t want to do this. One part of the strategy for the pre flop heads up is to be sure that you make sure to never let your opponent see the flop for free.  Part of the strategy of winning a heads up match is making sure that your opponent pays at every turn, getting the pot up as much as possible or you could end up losing out on a bigger win. By keeping the pace slower, it gives you time to think and make sure that you are taking full advantage of all opportunities.

Stay Aggressive: A heads up match has the unique opportunity to allow for more aggressive play that other forms of poker due to the fast play and lack of other players. You will want to stay aggressive both pre fop and post flop. This enables you to be able to maximize the pot and give you a better chance at winning the hand. When the flop is shows, you can always use this to your advantage by betting on it. Whether you have a good hand or not, your opponent will believe that you do. While all forms of poker are part psych out, heads up is more so than other forms because of the one on one set up.

Conclusion: There is something to be said about applying pre flop strategies. By bidding and raising before the flop is lain out, you can maximize your wins and make sure that your opponent does not get any free flops. If you need to, try to slow the game a bit to give you time to think. It could make the different between a win and a loss when it comes to heads up Texas Hold Em.