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Hanahan Poker Club offers you to have a good time tak­ing part at reg­u­larly held poker tour­na­ments. The pop­ular­ity of the tour­na­ments is grow­ing and each time we see more and more people join­ing us and we sug­gest you be­come a part of our poker com­munity.

Poker and Strategies

Poker is not an easy game. There are different types of poker and one can learn them gradually. To master this game one must understand the strategies first only then he can play different types of poker with perfection.

There are different types of pokers. Some of them are easy and some of them are little tricky. The strategies differ from one game to another. The beginners usually play with multiple players in preflops. These players usually have weak hands and commit a lot of mistakes too. When somebody masters these games that means he has just competed the first step. The big games are yet to come. You need to learn when you can fold and when not. After that these techniques will lead you in the tough games. In a tough game one can see a lot of aggression. Most of the players are skilled and to win these games you need to have good hands and strategies both.

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Tips to play better in the tougher games

You can opt for blinds if you notice that the players are not really raising with premium hands.  You need to play defensively and try to find out ways to beat your opponents. But you need to have back ups so that you can survive in the difficult games. Be careful so that the other players cannot force you to play hands that you want to play later. Avoid waiting for better hands and start playing marginal hands. You must understand the weakness of your position and force your opponents to play marginal hands.

In case of tough games the players have little edge over other players. You need to be more cautious than the weaker games. You can also play aggressively and send a strong impression to your opponents.

If some is raising a lot and you got an A8 hand then you easily turn the situation to your side. You need to three bet on her and see what the difficulties he is facing are. No matter whether you flop or don’t but your opponent will surely think you as a strong opponent.

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Poker position

Your position plays a crucial part in poker. You need to play differently in early or late positions. If you are playing against a couple of random hands then A8 can do wonder. In a limit holdem poker you can threebet preflop frequently. Threebet has some advantages. If you can pin down the initial raiser and have that button then you can set well in the extra bets.

While playing poker you need to maintain the balance. You must understand where you can play tight and where you need to take some chances. You must assume the reactions of your opponents before playing your hand. If you are an aggressive player and your opponents are expecting you to play aggressive you can shock them by playing little defensive. Play right card at the right time and never let your opponent to trap you.