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What is the object of an game of poker?

It seems a simple question but there are various ways of looking at it.

To win the pot

There is a school of thought that the purpose of poker is to win the pot: the pot being defined as a series of bets - plus the antes – in a single deal. If you win each pot then you are more likely to win the game. But this is not the right way to think. It is impossible to win every pot and if you tried you would be making sub-optimal plays.

To win the money

Although, ultimately, you want to win money, you need to understand that money is not the correct measure of success. Therefore it cannot be the generic object of the game. Poker is a game of both luck and skill, and therefore you can win money and still be making an awful decision. Whilst this may pay dividends in the short term it will not help you over the long term.

To make the optimal play

Some players believe that the object of the game is to make the optimal play. Theoretically, if you make the correct play, over a long sample of hands, you will make money. The combinations of making the optimal play, and winning money, will allow a smile to break out on your face. Surely, that’s what it’s all about?

So there you have it. Three different thoughts on what the object of the game of poker is? Maybe, it’s a lot simpler than that. Maybe the object of the game is to just have fun?