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Hanahan Poker Club offers you to have a good time tak­ing part at reg­u­larly held poker tour­na­ments. The pop­ular­ity of the tour­na­ments is grow­ing and each time we see more and more people join­ing us and we sug­gest you be­come a part of our poker com­munity.

Some Powerful Poker Tactics are Sometimes Wrong

Unfortunately some general good advice in poker can work to your disadvantage. Adapting to the situation in poker is very important if you are going to decide to apply a particular tactic. The strategy you will use depends on who the players are, your image, your bankroll and whether you play live or online poker.

It is usually advisable at high risk to make value bets if you're a slight money favourite, to the point that you're making maximum profit. Less skilled opponents will not know how to do this and will act inappropriately on weak hands. You should definitely bet a value bet when money is to be made. However with the wrong image you may not get many calls. It is advisable to only bet strong hands in the situations. Also if you only have a small number of chips it is best to play aggressively to hands with larger profit.

Tips to increase your winning ratio

It is advisable to bet on the second pair of the flop usually if you are surrounded by weaker players, if you have a big future or if the top rank is small. If the other players are not really caring it is not advisable to play a second high board pair, so make sure the players are attentive.

It is a good idea to bet on very weak hands if you are very sure that your opponent also has a bad hand, in the long term when you when and your opponents have weak hands it is better to bet than going to check and doing a showdown.  If you feel however that you might get re-bluffed it is not advisable to do this. Only do this against players who you absolutely know have got weak hands and are less skilled.

It is important to be fun round the poker table , because if other players enjoy playing with you, more money will come your way. However you may encourage players to play better if you come across as too carefree. Remember you need to use your image to encourage the opponents to play badly. If you are playing against cleverer opponents if you encourage them to play bad hands they may realise this and play better which is not the result you want.


Increase the limits after you advertise a poker tournament because this will give it more perceived value. It is important to uphold a solid image, if you are going to cause the players to be bluffable by increasing limits in a subsequent higher limit round. Make sure your advertising is paying for itself by having a full table where you can bluff to your advantage, but making sure that your table doesn't disburse before advertising and you have a full table of opponents.

Being reckless and wild can encourage players to call more and will decrease their bluffing rate, because you are seen not to care about money. There are very odd occasions where strange opponents will actually bluff more for no particular reason. In this case you will have to call more.

When your opponents are unpredictable and even aggressive it is best to act attack the blinds in a tight and passive way.  Because of their position the players on your left will have an advantage that you could reduce their willingness to use this advantage when they're not the blinds by sending a warning shot. So attack blinds less aggressively, however you can attack them to make the players more passive.